About Us


Bay Farm Community Church exists to help people KNOW Jesus, GROW to be like Jesus, and SHOW Jesus to the world.

We fulfill our purpose through:

  • Relevant worship services and dynamic outreach events that help unbelievers get to KNOW Christ and say “Yes!” to Him.
  • Strategic discipleship programs and small groups that GROW Christians to spiritual maturity.
  • Local and global opportunities for Christians to SHOW Jesus to the lost world.

At BFCC, we value…

Christ – Jesus is our Lord and Savior and is worthy of our praise and devotion. We are committed to becoming like Christ and fulfilling His mission!

Obedience to the Bible – We trust the Bible with our lives because it is trustworthy. We are convinced that it alone is the living Word of God that has the power to transform lives.

Relevance – We are committed to relating to our culture while remaining true to the Scriptures. It is a balance that allows us to present the Gospel in such a way that reaches the heart of our community.

Excellence – We are convinced that excellence should permeate everything we do for there is no reward for squandered potential, half-hearted effort or lukewarm faith. God deserves our very best!

Variety – God has made us unique so we can uniquely make a difference in our world. We believe lots of different people in one church focused on one purpose greatly glorifies God.

All people – Because God sent His only Son Jesus to die for all people so that all people can be saved, we strive to get the Gospel to every people group in the world.

Life change – A ministry is only effective if it produces life change. We believe more lives are changed in small groups where people can intimately study the Bible, pray and fellowship. Big growth occurs in small groups!

Unity – We promote godly confrontation, forgiveness and restoration because unity in the church honors God and reflects His love.

Evangelism – Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is supposed to be a normal, natural part of every Christian’s life. We passionately share the Good News because it is good news!

Spiritual gifts – We are convinced that Christians must discover, develop and deploy their spiritual gifts before they can do fruitful and fulfilling ministry.


In September 1988, Pastor Andrew Acquistapace and approximately 50 people moved their membership from Lakeside Baptist Church in Oakland to start Bay Farm Christian Fellowship in Alameda. Funds to build a new church facility in Harbor Bay Landing were provided through the sale of rental properties in downtown Oakland, as well as surplus cash reserves at Lakeside. The church continued to grow in size, and Pastor Jim Meyer was hired as an Associate Pastor in 1999 and was subsequently called to the senior pastor position in 2000. As Bay Farm Community Church became part of the fabric of Alameda and the number of members increased, the facility was expanded to include a spacious new sanctuary in 2006. In 2011, the church called its current Lead Pastor John Willoughby.