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a safe place for Junior and Senior high school students to find freedom in life by knowing jesus. We always start with a fun game and end with gender-separate life-groups. We also watch a teaching video and listen to a short message from the bible

6-12th Grades

Event Center at Bay Farm Church

Every Sunday, 4:30-6:30p

Green means we’re meeting, red means we’re not.


oct 20

Yes, we’re meeting!


oct 27

Yes, we’re meeting!


Nov 3

Yes, we’re meeting!




Shoreline Park Day


This event is for you to invite your friends from school to a fun day out!


Fri, November 29th 11-3p


But you must register.


Outdoor Sports // Yummy Food // Friends // Bible Talk // Lawn Games


STARTING at Shoreline Park (Drive toward the water from the church on Mecartney rd until it dead-ends)

ENDING at Daniel Chin's house (a 2 minute walk)

Flyer to text your friends (coming soon)

Park Day FLYER.png




Current Series

It’s impossible to live the right life when you have the wrong friends.

Surrounding ourselves with the right kind of people should be a conscious choice -- it’s not something that happens by accident. We become like who we spend time with, and the people we keep around us influence the decisions we make and ultimately the way we see the world.

This four-part series is all about learning to identify the influences in our lives and reflecting on the type of people we want to become. Through examining the how inner circle friends, dating, commitment, and fear affect relationships with those around us, students get the opportunity to decide whether their peers are challenging them to grow in the ways God wants.

Proverbs 12:26
'The godly give good advice to their friends; the wicked lead them astray.'“

WEEK 1 // Oct 20 // Pr. 12:26

WEEK 1 // Oct 20 // Pr. 12:26

WEEK 2 // October 27 // 1 Cor. 13:4-5

WEEK 2 // October 27 // 1 Cor. 13:4-5

Week 3 // Nov 3 // Gal. 2:20

Week 3 // Nov 3 // Gal. 2:20

Week 4 // Nov 10 // 1 Sam 17

Week 4 // Nov 10 // 1 Sam 17

Small Group Leader Content